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Most of the feedback we have received since launching our website/blog/mission has been positive. However, just like we advocate, we appreciate open discussion and dialog. I have received a few critics or apprehension to joining our cause based on some of the blogs/posts etc. Just know, we are not asking you to join a political party, we are simply trying to advocate that you educate yourself about each candidate regardless of party. We also want to inform you of significant legislation or court cases that may impact the way you vote or that may sway the results in favor of one party over the other.

Just because you like, subscribe or visit our site doesn't mean you support our cause or our positions. We have created a platform for you to learn about the process, provide materials from both sides of the aisle (news organizations/blogs) all in one spot. You would be hard pressed to find another outlet that is not self serving but its sole mission is to educate, advocate and change the process to ensure fairness and encourage more voting participation..

Some of the comments I have received recently are related to the legislative initiatives directed at amending state laws on how they conduct elections. This is nothing new. Every two years the party that is in the minority looks to change the game in their favor and vise versa. The current move to block "help thy neighbor" voting collection and "counting votes at polling places you are not registered to" are impediments to both turnout and results.

Ex: Help Thy Neighbor: This is the case where someone would go around and collect ballots and turn them in. From one side they see it as someone helping the elderly that cant get to polling place, cant register for absentee or just cant make it to the polls the day of the election (work, child care, etc.) The other side sees it as that most of these favor one party so lets get rid of it. The legislation in some states would look to abolish this. The issue at hand is trust. Even though there has not been any proof of fraud, the legislation is still moving forward. Why? If you cant win change the rules. Again, this is something that both parties are guilty of. Republicans want to abolish this practice since it allows more Democrats' to vote....plane and simple. The less ballot collections in poorer communities which are mostly Democrat gives them an advantage. Again, and vise versa. We will always advocate for free and fair elections and especially access. Unless there is proof of mass fraud, our position would be that this be allowed to provide more access and voices that without this process would be silenced. Again, this type of legislation occurs every election cycle by the losing party (Electoral Votes, Gerrymandering, Popular vs Electoral). If my mother wants to vote for a candidate that I disagree with and she is unable to make it to a polling place, her vote should count.

Ex: Not Counting your vote if not done at your polling place. Again, this is to favor one party over another. Polling places are meant to make it easier to vote but that doesn't mean it is convenient. If the polling place near you is crowded and the one next to your work is not, why shouldn't you be able to vote where you want as long as its within your district/state. Again, both parties are guilty of this but we would advocate that as long as technology allows and there is no evidence of wide spread fraud, this should be allowed.

And finally, based on the blogs, posts, etc. you must be a Democrat or lean to the left or else you wouldn't post what you do. Wolf in sheep's clothing scenario. Until recently I was a moderate Republican. Yes....a Republican. The reason I changed wasn't because of one administration or candidate, it was because I learned the system Its all a numbers and money game. This is what frustrated me and another reason why I wanted to help start this. You may think since I posted about the COVID relief package I am in favor of it, but most of it I am not. I can point out at least $500 million of pork (earmarks to get votes) that is unnecessary and creates a debt that me and my children will have to repay. Not to mention the money allocated in the two previous bills have yet to be spent. That is why I am glad that some of the line items were removed like money for a bridge between the US and Canada and a $125 million grant to help extend the Bay Area Repaid Transit System in San Francisco. Both had nothing to do with COVID. However, $30 million for Howard University remained as well as other appropriations that in my mind are beyond comprehension. But, I still try to post the facts on what was approved and not what social media says. (immigrants get to vote, etc.)

My promise to you is to be transparent and equal. If you believe I lean one way or the other, call me out. We want to make sure you base your opinions on fact and not fiction. This is the way we move FORWARD.

-Robert Smith

Co-Founder/Legislative Analyst

No Party Affiliation Coalition

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