So what dictates voting rights....corporate boycotts or politics?

In the most recent blog post we indicated that many Georgia based corporations, businesses or events have been under pressure to either announce their objections to the newly adopted voter suppression laws or threaten to withdraw their major events from the state in order to protest the newly adopted legislation (Delta, Coke and MLB).

Some companies were pressured to make a stance to hopefully influence the state to make changes to the recent legislation under threat of boycotts from those that oppose the newly adopted laws. This is their right. They can make a political stance or a conscience decision to avoid potential boycott losses to save face over this particular issue. This is a business decision and one the consumers can decide on and the market will dictate. It is also the right of the corporate owners. Chik-Fil-A had a similar issue with Gay Rights in 2018.

However, the issue that arises is when threats from elected political officials intervene. Senator Ted Cruz threatened to remove the anti trust laws from Major League Baseball (MLB) for their decision to possibly move the All Star Game from Atlanta to another location. So why does this matter?

A company should be able to freely oppose laws or initiatives that may impact their revenues or beliefs. What should not happen is the use of politics to pressure companies to comply with the stances a political party takes. Especially one to remove corporate protections just to promote their legislative initiatives. By all means I am not supporting one business over another but where does it stop?

Don't think the corporations are in the clear. "Think domestically and not globally". This is the hypocrisy of companies involving themselves in political battles. So where should it start and end and why should corporate America dictate our political views. One answer...they shouldn't. It is up to us to educate ourselves and make a difference. Not be sheep and follow the will of corporate America because nothing will change and they will still profit. Businesses will move left to right as long as their profits grow.

Those companies you believe that are taking an honorable stance against domestic voter suppression, ask yourself, then why do they still do business with China, Vietnam, Taiwan, etc.. Those companies remain silent and continue to exploit more oversees corruption, child labor etc. than we could ever comprehend.

So if you want your conscience clear....don't fall for the corporate mea culpa.

Our next post will address the issue of where should politics stop? Personally speaking it has now spilled over into where I eat, shop and what sports I enjoy to watching to actually get away from politics or our everyday stressors.

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