So you want to run for a political office? First Time Candidate Assistance

First Time Candidate Assistance

For over 15 years I have been working and assisting elected officials adjust to their roles and familiarizing them with issues that normally do not come up until after they are elected. For some local jurisdictions, elected officials make less than minimum wage (if even given a wage at all) with the amount of time they commit to their respective communities. Some are business owners who may not understand that some of the decisions they make may directly impact their business (customers). Family, Friends and Neighbors can turn on you in an instant based upon a position you take that is contrary to their beliefs. Serving on local boards, committees, councils, or commissions takes a lot of time and hard work with the only reward being is that you are trying to make your community a better place. This should be celebrated but in today’s climate most local elected officials receive the brunt of the criticism and frustration from their respective communities not because of what they did, but what is happening in their State and Federal Government.

With that said, should you have an interest in becoming public servant, I would be more than happy to schedule a Zoom meeting with you to discuss these very topics. Contact

-Robert Smith


Legislative Action/Legal Analyst

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